dimanche 13 novembre 2011

feels good to be back I

It does...
aand let us go back to the dark ages with:
                                                         Clubroot- Low pressure Zone 

Since I haven't updated this blog (nor any other) lately, I suggest ,to myself, these as a good start :

So, these two particular shots are my current source of satisfaction. Thanks to these wonderful people's collaboration, I've made it this far and participated with these two prints in a collective exhibition.

For the first picture, I've kind of visualized the whole idea (including the model, outfit, lightening,location,etc...) during my ironically busy summer days.  Since I was being idle all the time, I thought of illustrating that frequent particular state.How do I picture it? Believe it or not, the photograph is definitely like I did imagine it months ago. Idle : floating without reaching any purpose, being somehow kept on the ground, not going so far with your thoughts/actions, queer atmosphere, looks like being jailed behind dirty glass, white,asleep,indifferent,fragile...All of these tags are leading to a main word : Idle !
The second one....I allow myself to repeat over and over again that the view leads to the most beautiful nightscape in all over Tunis. So, the second pic is good enough to vanquish my harsh critics about my own work. That was actually the perfect moment, because thanks to the car lights, I wouldn't have got a well-lit back/pearl/hair. Anyway, am not quite sure if this shot's title ( I named it  "Through Vanity")  would give a clue about its meanings but I'd help.It have all started with an existential question : does rich people feel the emptiness that strikes poor people's hearts?
So, it's basically an illustration of a thoughtful person, a deep moment of reflection that requires inspiration, a large perception and wide solid-angle. Beginning from my own paradigm : everytime I see such scenery, with these lights/houses/nature/people in motion and quite similar nightscapes, I spontaneously open eyes,mind and heart, thinking about the rest of the world, the persons in need/dying/suffering/dead/sick/poor and wonder if they cope well enough with this cruel modern age.
Anyway, I am writing a lot (that's because I miss my keyboard)

Oh, something else !
Feel free, people, to check this interesting local webzine : www.cosmo-culture.com
Am gonna write some art/literature/cinema/music reviews (in french) and soon enough, broadcasting some music, interesting news and so many other stuff worth talking about in their Radio station :Culture-R.
Have a nice week ,cupcakes !

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