lundi 2 février 2015

How to pronounce February?

Hello there lovely ghosts of Ashrare,

I hope all is good. I have not been that good myself. My uni has been on a strike since January, and I have been home most of the time. I could have used this humongous amount of free time differently. But am pondering what to do, and how to enrich my daily experience every am snooze. I do have to admit that it's a hard question to answer, however, I managed to get few photo-shoots done and a lot of movies scraped out of my to-watch-list.
Today, (Monday is not a day, it's an unfortunate journey), I have kick-started the day with the following playlist. I simply typed "rainy" and played the first playlist. Simple and effortless right?

So I was listening to this indie playlist.And all of a sudden, I ceased doing what I was doing at the time, I was completely petrified. Why? Good question! Do you know the feeling you get when you listen to a song and the voice of the singer seems familiar? At that precise moment, your mind is looking through the music registry and files you archived and try to get a match. And then boom, it was Alt-J. I got it right. That smile I had on my face was priceless. Enjoy simple things, people! Simple is good. 

Anyway, I originally forgot why I started this blog post. I might be willing to share my recent photograph though, or some movies recommendations. Let's start with the latter. 
My switches were completely turned when I saw: Redirected, Predestination, The Breakfast Club, Her, Layer Cake, The Hunt. Along with some short-movies selections that I saved on Vimeo ( I will share it next time k?). 
Now, onto photography! Frustrated and confused much when it comes to my work? Yes I am. I don't know what I want to shoot anymore. People were telling me to stick to a certain style. But does it really matter if I have a style or not? I take pictures for my own pleasure and for people who share the same taste as myself (maybe, if they ever live on this planet). Moreover, in this particular shot, I was so inspired by Sin city and Pulp Fiction. Can you tell? Not? 

The only thing am sure about is that when it comes to double exposure, motion blur and adding texture, am all in. Other than that, I would rather curl up under tons of blankets and resume hibernation..or reading my book. It's "You don't know me" by David Klass. Funny, ironic and yet sad. I recommend it for rainy days and lost souls. 
Until next time people (I have to go make some lunch for the kids, you know, busy life), stay around!
P.S how do you guys pronounce February? Lemme know.


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