dimanche 8 mars 2015


Hello lovely wanderers of Ashrare,

It is currently March 8th, 7:38 pm : it hasn't stopped raining, my ears are suffering from my quite uncomfortable headset (which is an in-your-face reminder that I should indulge in a good professional pair if am such a bass junkie), and my dinner is currently consisting of ice cold mint tea and an imperfectly peeled orange.
Midst my exhaustive afternoon quest of new tunes, I have magically stumbled upon this gem.
By gem, I mean the following explanation: the intro was pure bliss! The choirs, the church bells and then the subtle flow of the #WASSUP vocals. That was genius! The drops were quite hot, that's all it matters (really Nedra?).In my opinion, it could become a real gem the way am currently imagining it, without the Calvin-Hariss-y parts.So let's get to work? When I grow some balls AND equipment, I shall yeah.

My Trap (hybrid, experimental, hip-hop, etc...) playlist on Soundcloud is currently my most expensive possession.Why? Because who wouldn't feel fabulous when they have a gigantic playlist of some good shit strong-bass-drops-and-a-bleak-evil-background combo (noting that this sentence is coming from an evil human)? T-Mass is currently headlining my list. He is a beast, ins't he? Check this dude out, it's his turn to blow some ears out.
And than just one more, along with a quite persistant question. What's up with ducks and EDM trap? Have I somehow managed to miss the connection between these two? Enlighten me, people! This track is very random, but just feel the vibes.

I have also been working on this piece for the past few minutes. Double exposure keeps me gravitating around it for no particular or valid reason. We love layers! At least I do. Have you ever ate a single thin pancake? You should at least have three or four to concur and admit that you had delicious pancake. Regardless of my irrelevant point of view about food (again), I don't superimpose two images with different opacities just for the hell of meeting the modern aesthetic and standards of what is known to be a "beautiful" photograph, and nothing obnoxious of the sort. I do think that double exposure is such a powerful technique that allows you to solidify and yet enhance your visual point of view. Those "countless" light dots wouldn't have referred to the countless human beings you look at on a daily basis and never truly see. That particular glaze, warmth and texture added to every corner of the photograph is marvelous and impeccable. I am not praising my own work but am being grateful to whoever's mind this double-edged thought has occurred.

and bam!Touché, Sunday! it's been chill, wet and bleak.
Cheers folks.

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