jeudi 17 juillet 2014

A January-May overview:NYC

Hello dears,
I am just gonna go through the last 5 months really quick, with the most exciting happenings in my life. I have documented my trips of course, so pictures will be featured in this blog post.

February: NYC

"I disappeared as usual and now am back with a lot of updates. Last week I went to New York City. It was amazing but cold as hell. The city is huge, busy, vivid, varied but depressing. I have no logical explanations on why I felt this way towards NYC but it's the truth. You feel amazed and overwhelmed when you're walking down the streets with a fast pace, trying to desperately catch a cab or hide in a building's entrance and light your cigarette. It was frigid and sad. That's why I just wish I can visit it again with the right people and during more warmer months".

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