vendredi 3 janvier 2014

" Never let anything hold you back"

Looking back at 2013 in pictures...

This year, I worked on changing something really important in me, which ties me to my surroundings : I love human beings, and that's my worst habit and biggest fear in life. I have learnt throughout this year that one shouldn't simply make home out of people, because it will make you wrecked, homesick and lost. After all, and at the end of each day, all you have is yourself and who you are.
So that was a tough lesson to learn after many trials, glorious ups and painful downs.
Other than that, grateful to meet all of these wonderful human beings above (and not only above); people who have generally made a huge impact on me this year. They are few but they will never be forgotten, no matter how far we are apart. We go through all sorts of complications, problems, weird states of arousals and  emotional conflicts just to feel...alive.
So cheers for being alive, humans ! We don't get this chance twice. As someone very dear to me once said :" Always expect the worse, and hope for the best. Never let anything hold you back ". 

Take care folks.

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