samedi 29 juin 2013

Instagram recap

Hello dearies !

The small snapshots above resume what I've been doing for the past few weeks. I have finished school, started my summer internship and still didn't get a tan YET. Actually, there is something new going on in my life which is my obsessive unexplained lust for bathing suits. I have never loved wearing bikinis, nor showing off my bum for the public.However, I still find the idea quite irritating but I will stick to my sport shorts and change the tops as I bought plenty of them.
Anyway, I haven't went to the beach yet. I am still having a week, since Ramadan is almost there (on the 9th of July I believe). Let's hope that I'll grab a towel and abduct my sister for a small ride to the beach.  

I have been also DIYing a lot. I will show you what I 've been working on in the up-coming posts. It's really fascinating how ten fingers and two eye-balls(and all of the human body per say) can make wonders. 

Some great music to let you hold on to, some chillwave for a chilly not so hot summer.

laterz !

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