samedi 2 juin 2012

About electronic music

Hey everybody,

am just going straight to the point cause some people are just judging this kind of music, very wrongly. 

Electronic music is obviously generated by electronic machines (not entirely, but the major part of it). This fact doesn't make it unworthy to be labeled as "music". It is music, a type of music that people can listen to, make and share. It shouldn't be given less value because it's made of "unreal musical instruments". Genuinely, judgement shouldn't be based on such arguments : because the type of instrument we use may be inferior, but the music one produces through that junk piece of wood is spectacular. 
Breakbeat (that gathers it all) ; Drum & Bass, Jungle, trip-hop, UK garage : 2-step, Dubstep (liquid dubstep, post dubstep, brostep), Grime, etc...

The way this music is growing, starting originally from the UK, from London's underground clubs, and spreading (like the plague) across the world, simply fascinates me. Its futuristic touches, the urban atmosphere, the fifth dimension that it gives you (apart from x,y,z,t) and that lifts you up, twist you, take you up-side down at a high speed...Bliss ! People have forgot something really important...

the feeling ? That smooth breeze that goes down your spine when you're dazzled, amazed and astonished by the musical notes you're hearing ; wether electronic, pop, rock, metal, reggae, what so ever type it is. It doesn't matter as long as it's tasteful, overwhelming and in more simple words :  it does make you feel better.

Well guess what people ? Electronic vibes makes me feel way better at times. Because it's alive, it's energetic, it's ELECTRON-IK.

Swallow it with love, cause we don't eat !

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