dimanche 25 mars 2012


I can't believe that it's windy, that am falling in love with a song, that we live young and die old....
that there are so much ignorance spreading through some Tunisian's minds.

I would rather keep writing crap then developing the last point I've mentioned.It's just mental !

It makes you want to be trapped in an asylum for seven years and worship cats (that's actually happening, somewhere in the world - hey Pence). I have nothing against being put in an asylum.On the contrary, it's gonna be fun and you'll get a chance to hear some pretty twisted talks, which is something you don't get on a daily basis. But anyway...
How am I doing actually ? Pretty fine, so far. A lot of things to do, yet most of them are undone.But, in progress...Also, planning photo-shoots, and auto-portraiture stuff, so stay tuned. As for now, what can I share with you guys ? UFO stories ? Oh yeah, cause we got visitors !

a metallic "thing" falling from the sky, found in Siberia, last December. Aliens are weird.I thought they were quite polite, they knock before they visit.Or maybe this is the way they thank humans on their kindness and hospitality. Ah !

Also, these are very captivating pictures :

Policeman strikes AFP photojournalist Patricia Melo during the Portuguese general strike in Lisbon March 22, 2012. 

That, is a nice brave man standing out there and defending that lady.Believe me, cops are damned, fucked up and retarded creatures ! 

On your face, Sarkozy ! 

Santiago group bath after student protests. 

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