lundi 6 septembre 2010

What's happening?

a lot is happening lately,I don't know from where to start.Let's say that am back to my academic life,the daily activities.Entiwned between theory and reality,labs and amphitheatres,I feel that I have an uncomplished mission out there.In fact,I have to give full priority to my studies these days in case I want to launch my cosmetic line soon *laugh*

However,my photo files got deleted lately,so am pretty much with 0 photo now.That's actually frustrating from a point of view thus encouraging from another one.I need to start over sometimes,everybody need so.

what else? Oh I've been a victim of betrayel and dishonesty too.I hate to moan and blame over this blog but it seems that it happens a lot to me lately.too beautiful to be treated well? irony!

cheerful part of the story..5
my achievement in the journalism fields are growing fast:

                                             writer/photographer - Giuseppina Magazine


Interviewer- FAULT Magazine


Still to come,so many photography projects and styling photos.I can't wait!
greetings spirits!

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